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Enterprise RPG Character Creation (excerpt)

Enterprise Example Character Card

(Note: This is the first in a series of excerpts I'll be posting from my translation of the 1983 Japanese TRPG Enterprise. Future posts will include some examples of play that best illustrate how combat is carried out and how talents are utilized)
Section 6. Character Creation

Here is an example which illustrates how to actually create a new character.

First, the player must choose a Name and a Race for the character. For Name we'll choose "Leonard Shatner". Race is Human.

For each of the abilities, roll four 6-sided dice. From those, take the three highest results, total them, and the result is the value for each Ability.

  • ST roll is 5, 4, 6 and 1, a result of 15.
  • DX roll is 2, 3, 5 and 4, a result of 12.
  • IQ roll is 3, 6, 2 and 5, a result of 14.
  • CH roll is 2, 3, 3 and 5, a result of 11.
  • LU roll is 1, 4, 2 and 6, a result of 12.
Whether or not a character might have Special Abilities is based on rolls corresponding to these results.

First we check for the Mechanical Repair Talent. Since DX is 12, if you can roll 60% or less on the two 20-sided dice (did you remember to designate the dice?), it is OK.

With a roll of 7 on the tens die and 4 on the ones die, the result is 74.

Regrettably, he does not have the Mechanical Repair ability.

For the Medical Talent, an IQ of 14 means a 40% probability. The 20-sided dice are shaken. 6 for the tens and 2 for the ones is 62. He does not have the Medical Talent.

The Science Talent with an IQ of 14 is a 70% chance.

The roll is 2 on the tens die and 7 for the ones. With a 27, he has the Science Talent.

Finally, a roll of 10 or less to see if he has a PSY Ability.

A roll of 0 for the tens and 6 for the ones is a 6. He has a PSY special ability.

The two 20-sided dice are shaken again. A roll of 6 for the tens and 5 for the ones, a 65. This character will have the Telepathy ability.

Next the Alignment of the character is determined. The player may choose this to their liking.
We decide that this character is EG (Emotional Good).

Next we'll decide what Equipment the character has.

Because he has the Science talent, we'll give him the Tricorder, as well as a Communicator and a Type II Phaser. Furthermore, he may be given food for 3 days, water and a knife. (However, please declare it to the GM, otherwise it may be said he doesn't have it).

With this, character creation is completed.

Leonard Shatner; Human Race; ST15, DX12, IQ14, CH11, LU12; Alignment EG; Special Ability: Science Talent; PSY Telepath; Equipment: Science Tricorder, Type II Hand Phaser, Communicator, knife and three days water and food.

Take the above, and write it on one of the Character Cards included with this game. (A water felt-tip pen or marker can be used and erased if wiped off).

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