Monday, July 20, 2009

Star Trek II - New and Expanded Soundtrack Released!

I usually don't snatch and repeat news published elsewhere, but this came from out of the blue and is just too exciting not to share.

As reported today at TrekMovie, Film Score Monthly and Screen Archives Entertainment have released a newly expanded and remastered soundtrack to James Horner’s 1982 score for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! What was 9 tracks and 40-some minutes is now 23 tracks and 77 minutes, includes a 28 page booklet with rare photos and notes, and is only $20.

Wow. After all these years, I'd pretty much given up hope this would ever happen. I was proven wrong with TMP and Superman: The Movie (I love films scores) now this. Hmmm, what else have I given up on that may have a chance after all?

Anyway, get yourself over to FSM now, and be sure to note the $5 off special for orders over $50.


  1. You understand that I can't read "FSM" and NOT think "Flying Spaghetti Monster," don't you?

  2. At least it got a decent cover this time around....

  3. You really ought to do a post about the similarly enhanced ST3 soundtrack, you know. It would be nice to see you back in action.

  4. I got ST *V* in the mail yesterday! I'll never catch up.

    I'll return to this someday, I'd like to think next spring and start building up to ST2012. Lots of other things in life going on right now, though.