Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TrekRPGNet Forum 10th Anniversary

As posted this week over in the TrekRPGnet Forums:

10 years and still flying

On August 24th 1999 did Don Mappin open the doors to this forum. Within 2 days had the number of members reached 50, some still active.

TrekRPGNet itself, as an independent repository for Star Trek roleplaying material, was created the year before. The site itself will become 11 year old in just 10 days.

Happy Anniversary to both and thanks to those who create it and maintain it to this day!


  1. Hard to believe but it's a great achievement that the forum is still going, mostly with original posters. I still visit there daily and still post.

  2. I don't post anywhere near as often as I used to but I visit pretty regularly. Incredible resource. If only the games themselves lasted so long.

    Barking Alien